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Wensim cow

A young Leeupoort Brits

Boer en sy vrou with WEN1120 Marco

Difficult times for the Wensim Simmentalers because of the drought

Embrio skenker - Wensim Bontesa WEN082

Herkalie - A top breeder in the Bushveld





Jack - Touleier wenner te

Koedoe & cattle complimenting and sharing habitat

Love is in the air


Oom Johnny O'Brien and
Tannie Tinkie breeding with Simmentalers

Pas gekalf - Wensim Biona WEN112







Reproduction a first priority - Wensim Salrika

Sharing habitat with Simmentalers in the Bosveld

Show time - Wensim Marco WEN1120

Show time in Nelspruit

WEN082 Bontesa invitro calves

Reserwe Junior Kampioen - WEN103 Wensim Melba







From the Beth line - WEN112 Biona

WEN1416 Wensim Bennie
(Wensim Biona & Wensim Wentor)

WEN1026 Wensim Westerman

Wensim Biona from Wensim Bontesa and BAR 5 Piona

Wensim competing at shows

Wensim Cows







Wensim Marco

A top breeder - Wensim Wanda

Wensim Wanda en Wilmien

Top show and breeding cow - Wilmien WEN0629

Young upcoming breeder

Agricultural learners from Middelburg High School preparing for the 2010 Youth shows.







Simmentaler Information Day, Middelburg - Fred Dell explains
and demonstrates Functional Efficiency of Female Animals
with some of the Wensim cows & heifers

Simmentaler friends

Simmentaler friends

Martiens, Stefaans and Danie

Simbra bul verkoop vir R85 000.  Nageslag van Wensim Boesman







Simbra vers nageslag van Wensim Boesman wat in 'n Simbra kudde gebruik word.

Hartland Skou 2010 Touleier Kompetisie - Jack Mashabane

Hartland Skou 2010 Touleier Kompetisie - Smith Mashabane

Pretoria Skou 2010 - Wanda en Wenzer

Pretoria Skou 2010

Wensim Salerika and her Leeupoort Brits calf







Wensim cows

Anmalu Ruby and her calf

Cows out of the Wensim stud

Wensim Berdien - Bred out of Bezley Beth and Simlee Wenner

Wensim cows & calves

Breeding heifers







Uitsuip Herkali JL 07 23

Wensim Amara and a JR calf

Wensim Benzer WEN 05 3

Wensim Wanda

Wensim Wilmien

Wensim Bontesa











Wensim Selest

Wensim Velvet





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