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2020 Embryo calves

2020 Embryo calves





2020 Embryo calves

2020 Embryo calves

2020 Embryo calves

2020 Embryo calves

2020 Embryo calves

Wensim cow


A young Leeupoort Brits

Boer en sy vrou with WEN1120 Marco

Embrio skenker - Wensim Bontesa WEN082

Jack - Touleier wenner te

Love is in the air






Pas gekalf - Wensim Biona WEN112

Reproduction a first priority - Wensim Salrika

Show time - Wensim Marco WEN1120

Show time in Nelspruit

WEN082 Bontesa invitro calves

Reserwe Junior Kampioen - WEN103 Wensim Melba







From the Beth line - WEN112 Biona

WEN1026 Wensim Westerman

Wensim competing at shows

Wensim Cows

Wensim Marco

A top breeder - Wensim Wanda







Wensim Wanda en Wilmien

Top show and breeding cow - Wilmien WEN0629

Agricultural learners from Middelburg High School preparing for the 2010 Youth shows.

Simmentaler Information Day, Middelburg - Fred Dell explains and demonstrates Functional Efficiency of Female Animals with some of the Wensim cows & heifers

Simbra bul verkoop vir R85 000.  Nageslag van Wensim Boesman







Simbra vers nageslag van Wensim Boesman wat in 'n Simbra kudde gebruik word.

Hartland Skou 2010 Touleier Kompetisie - Jack Mashabane

Hartland Skou 2010 Touleier Kompetisie - Smith Mashabane

Pretoria Skou 2010 - Wanda en Wenzer

Pretoria Skou 2010

Wensim Salerika and her Leeupoort Brits calf







Wensim cows

Anmalu Ruby and her calf

Cows out of the Wensim stud

Wensim Berdien - Bred out of Bezley Beth and Simlee Wenner

Wensim cows & calves

Breeding heifers







Uitsuip Herkali JL 07 23

Wensim Benzer WEN 05 3

Wensim Wanda

Wensim Wilmien

Wensim Bontesa

Wensim Selest












Wensim Velvet





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